Advanced Cooling has over 30 years’ experience in produce cooling, consolidation, and shipping. Our 61,000 sq. ft. of cold storage along with 20 loading doors allows us to manage large volumes of produce and multiple shippers throughout the season. Our facility utilizes the latest technology in produce cooling which includes icing, vacuum, hydro vacuum and forced air systems. Proper post harvest cooling can help reduce softening, wilting, molds, and bacteria growth, as well as extending the product's shelf life.

Advanced Cooling maintains rigid food safety standards and product quality throughout the receiving, processing, and shipping phases with a dedicated management team, stringent quality control, and experienced shipping department, and the unsurpassed goal of delivering both a high quality product and unmatched customer service. 



GPS Coordinates 32.6541 -114.5729

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          Manager:       Gary Anthony     

 Administration:       Bernie Guevara